Aftab Vasi

Aftab Vasi of Safeguard Security Ltd discusses the challenges of starting up a business and his plans for the business in 2018.

1. What’s the name of your business, and what does it do?
We were previously known as Mega Events Security but in May 2016 we registered as Safeguard Security LTD.

2. How long has your business existed, and what inspired you to start it?
I was originally inspired by working within the security industry for other firms, but I believed I could do it all myself and opened up Mega Events in 2004.

3. Do you have a business or personal motto?
Our company motto is ‘Our Business Is Protecting Yours’ and we aim to do just that. We aim to ensure our clients and staff feel secure working with us.

4. What’s the biggest challenge you faced when you set up the business?
One of the biggest challenges faced was starting up and gaining direct contracts rather than sub-contracts. We spent a year sub-contracting to one company, however, a year of patience led to gaining five direct contracts in the space of three months and it’s been nonstop since then.

5. And what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned?
One of the biggest lessons learned was not to rush into things headfirst as it can lead to problems later. We now take our time to make connections and build relationships with clients.

6. In a dream scenario, where do you see you and your business in three years?
Our dream as a company is to get to the stage where we are well known within the security industry, even more so than now. Gaining a good reputation means gaining better clients which leads to more profit and that is what business is all about.
We are hoping to open two more offices in the next year in Birmingham and London where we are already building good relationships with future clients.

7. Are there any essential items you always have with you?
The one thing that is essential for all of us as a safeguard are our phones. We would close without them as a lot of work still carries on late into the night from home.

8. Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently in business?
If I could do something different going back, I wouldn't have given up so easily the first-time around with Mega Events Security. If I hadn't taken time out, imagine where we would be today!!

9. And finally, if there’s one piece of advice you could give to your 18-year-old self, what would it be?
I would tell my 18-year-old self to never give up. Hard work makes dreams come true.

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