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Cariocca’s Festive Networking Event held on 3rd December 2013 was a Christmas Cracker – attracting over 70 people from tenant businesses.

Most entrepreneurs agree that networking is a vital part of growing a business - giving them the chance to discuss challenges and opportunities with like-minded people over a bite to eat. It’s something the Cariocca team is committed to encouraging – and we’re delighted to say with great success.

The December 2013 event was organised by Cariocca administrators Bukky Balogun and Rozina Franke and took place in the large Cariocca Hall at the Miles Platting site. It was extremely well attended. A number of Cariocca Board members were there, mixing with over 70 people from various tenant companies who enjoyed great food, busy networking and the chance to enjoy a free business seminar run by three visiting experts in the support of growing businesses.

“The tenants sat together and chatted away over lunch,” said Miles Platting Administrator Bukky. “They said they were happy to sit and chat with other tenants they normally just pass by on the corridors!”

Even after the event was officially closed, tenants still remained for close to 45 minutes – confirmation that they were happy to stay, and that the event worked for them.

After the event was over, a further six people arrived and were disappointed that they’d missed out.

“They kept thanking us over and over again for a lovely event and still talk about it even up till now,” says Bukky.

The success of the event has prompted us to look into holding regular tenant networking meetings in 2014.

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