We’re extremely proud to have supported many businesses in the region, helping them grow and develop. One business we have worked closely with, is social enterprise business Freshrb C.I.C, a Manchester based video production company.  The business aims to raise community issues, projects and themes by running video production workshops with community groups.

Freshrb, which describes itself as a “video production company with a cause,” was established in 2013 by founder Babz. The business moved into Cariocca offices in 2016 and stayed with us for two years. During that time, it underwent many changes that we were able to support them with and ultimately help grow the social enterprise business.

One of the most valuable things we are able to offer young businesses is cost effective and flexible contracts for office space.  This was particularly important for Freshrb.  Like many of our tenants, the business also valued the network of mentors we were able to provide.

Through Cariocca, Freshrb became part of the T.I.E UK North network which connects business leaders with the founders of young businesses.  The network has been instrumental in helping many young businesses in the region develop and thrive.

Freshrb is working on some exciting projects including the Silent Elephant Project (SEP), an ASDAN accredited Short Film Workshop to raise awareness of marginalised themes and issues that impact our communities.

The social enterprise has big plans for growth and Cariocca has no doubt the business has the skills and ambition to achieve its vision.  Watch this space! 


Freshrb Session

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